A Commitment to Service-Doc's Reverse Units & Rental Tools, Inc.
Commitment to Service
Doc’s has you covered! When it comes to reverse units, fishing tools, BOPs and tools throughout the entire Permian Basin, we’re the right company for the job!
The Game Changer: Our Commitment To Quality Service
We understand that in this industry, you have many options when choosing whom you to work with. Of all the other similar companies out there, what sets us apart is our commitment to service. We work hard to ensure you receive the best quality service each time you work with us.
Service Laced With Integrity, Hard Work And Values
In 1969, Doc’s mission began with good people, equipment, and hard work.

Today, we continue to operate every day based on these principles and strive to deliver unmatched integrity-based service to everyone we work with.

Steadfast Experience
With five decades of experience, Doc’s understands every aspect of the industry and is able to provide fast, reliable, and cost-effective services to our customers.
Family-Oriented Business Practices
As a family business, we treat all of our employees as family. Each one of our employees is committed to Doc’s and to the success of our customers. When you choose Doc’s you’re choosing a loyal, dedicated partner.
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